Why buy local? We know why, you get experienced service in the community. Typically consumers buy local for fresh goods or instant services, why does it matter when it comes to Home Lighting, Services, Accessories or Ceiling Fans? Find out why with Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories.

Better Quality Products & Services

Small businesses realize stiff competition exists with big-box retailers who can cheaply move mass quantities of products off their shelves. However, small businesses still retain an excellent competitive advantage thanks to the products and services they offer.

At Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories we feature only high quality products from proven, reputable brand names and industry leaders. We thoroughly screen and research our products before they are launched on our website.  That extensive knowledge of our products allows us to match the right item with the needs of our clients and their particular space.

Even before you explore our lighting and accessory options, we offer In-Home Lighting Consultation to learn more about you and your space to help guide you into making the best purchasing decision. Additionally, we offer detailed lighting fixture cleaning and maintenance which includes an overall safety inspection, especially recommended for chandeliers or other heavy ceiling mounts.

We can design lighting solutions for your landscape or outdoor space. Contact us for a free on-site consultation, and we will be happy to guide you into making the best lighting design. Being local affords us the knowledge of the area’s common architectures, styles, codes/ordinances and landscaping/terrain. We will ensure our products are a flawless match for your lighting needs.

Superior Customer Care

As a family-run business, Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Longtime residents of the local community, we look forward to getting to know our customers individually and building trusted professional relationships. Our business is not just a job, it is our passion, livelihood, and we are enthusiastic about sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients.

Supporting the Local Economy

Supporting the local economy is easy and to our advantage. The more funds that are spent increases the beauty and lively-hood within or community, and also these monies help sustain and grow our local economy. More jobs become available within the local economy with some fields potentially offering their employees better wages. Small businesses often require the help of local planners, designers, accountants, insurance agencies, etc. Dollars spent at the big retail chain do not go nearly as far for the community as would dollars spent with a small local business.

A small business within your local economy is very beneficial for everyone, to shop small independently-owned businesses. They help deliver and maintain the unique character, charm and essence of their home city or town. Small businesses help create local flavor – let’s encourage this diversity!

Why Buy Local From Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories?

We are service oriented with over 30 years of experience. Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories offers a complete spectrum to accommodate all of your lighting and electrical needs. We start with Lighting Consultation, sell you the product, deliver and install the product, and haul away your existing for a complete all encompassing purchasing experience. Our Clients work with one company, Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories, ensuring the smoothest transaction from A-Z. We serve the the greater Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles county areas. We provide lighting products, services and solutions for an assortment of Residential, Retail, Hospitality, and Commercial Clients.

Get in contact with us today, we will be happy to help you with all your lighting and electrical needs.