Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories offers a Custom Made Lamp Shade option ideal for any modified design or an addition to any Luminaire to achieve a uniquely custom visual approach. This service is ideal for the Commercial or Hospitality market. Our local Manufacturer offers many different colors, sizes and styles. From Softback Lamp Shades to Hardback Lamp Shades in various styles such as Drum, Short Drum, Empire, Coolie, String, Silk, Bell, Modified Bell, Cut Corner, V Notch and Chandelier Shades just to name a few.

All of our Lamp Shades are measured by:TOP “A” BOTTOM “B” SIDE “C” DEPTH “D”. At eye level,the bottom of the shade should cover the bottom of the socket. In most cases, your Harp determines where the Lamp Shade sits on the Lamp. The Harp is the bracket that fastens the Lamp Shade to the Lamp; they are available in different heights to ensure the Lamp Shade fits correctly on the Lamp.

Lamp Shade Recovering

We specialize in the custom restoration of your Lamp Shade. Our Lamp Shade specialist has been manufacturing Lamp Shades for over 40-years and has the experience to ensure a quality restoration. If you either have a special size or a family heirloom we can help. We understand how difficult it can be to find an already made replacement Lamp Shade and in some cases certain sizes and styles are not available anymore. Family heirloom Lamp Shades typically fall into this category which hold significant sentimental value. Whether just needing a fabric recover or frame reconstruction we can preserve the original style and ensure a proper fit. Fabric generally can be closely matched or client is welcome to supply us with their desired fabric.

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