Tired of walking through your home and noticing your once beautiful chandelier is filthy? Or that some of the light bulbs have burned out? Some chandeliers are suspended so high that they are difficult to reach. Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories can help. Our in-home cleaning and maintenance technicians will perform this service that entails a detailed cleaning, light bulb replacement and an overall safety inspection of your chandelier ensuring your fixture is secure and operating correctly. The technicians possess many years of experience in primarily servicing lighting fixtures including crystal chandeliers, outdoor fixtures, landscape lighting, commercial lighting fixtures and more.

An additional service that can be performed is a light bulb or Recessed lighting trim replacement for those hard to reach areas. Tired of replacing light bulbs on a tall ceiling? Ask about our replacement LED light bulbs and recessed trims which are energy efficient, bright and emit beautiful color that lasts several years without needing replacement.

Need Cleaning or Maintenance?