Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories offers installation options to facilitate any situation, including all products purchased in general or on-line. Have you thought of purchasing Lighting Fixtures or Ceiling Fans on-line but don’t know who can install with the right knowledge or expertise? Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories can help. Our installation department has over 30-years experience installing Decorative Interior and Exterior Lighting Fixtures, including assembly and installation of Crystal Chandeliers. In addition we will make recommendations regarding the proper decorative light bulbs to provide the correct aesthetic appeal, color and illumination. Our expert technicians will perform the installation with an experienced soft hand and sharp eye ensuring an accurate and clean installation. We strive for your satisfaction and would like you to enjoy your new purchase to the fullest.

We also now offer Landscape Lighting Design and Installation Services complete with Lighting Energy Analysis and recommendations. Your fixture selection and installation will be performed by our expert technicians ensuring installation will be performed accurately to your desired design and lighting plan.

Westlake Village Lighting & Accessories offers installation service for Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans, Dimming Systems, Wall Sconces, Lighting Pendants, Flush Mount and Recessed Lighting fixtures Landscape Lighting and more. Visit our contact page to reach out for more information.

You can rest assured that your service will be performed professionally and your home will be respected.

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