As the holidays are upon us, you’re getting ready to decorate your home preparing for family to arrive setting the tone there is one thing left, getting your lighting fixtures cleaned. Everything else is planned house is beautifully decorated clean and ready but there is one thing missing your chandeliers and light fixtures are dirty. I can’t tell you how many times I have visited a beautiful home decorated, clean and ready for the holidays, I look up and the lighting fixtures are filthy, burned out light bulbs it’s unbelievable. Lighting Fixtures especially Crystal Chandeliers are truly Jewelry for your home.

Give us a call we are chandelier and lighting fixture experts. We will come in do a thorough inspection of your chandelier replace the light bulbs and give it a thorough cleaning. Our clients reply when we are done, “It looks brand new”! All the bulbs are new, clean and providing excellent illumination and your home is now ready for the holidays. Our technicians are experts in their field. With over 30-years of experience, our technicians have a trained eye and soft hand to ensure your Chandelier will look beautiful, like a new Diamond ring. So give us a call for your free estimate.