This is our second in a series of blogs about different lighting styles and ideas. This month we bring you traditional lighting ideas. Traditional lighting is composed of symmetrical details and furnishings, lavish colors and ornate accents. Traditional lighting is timeless which adds sophistication and class with an international feel. These hallmarks of traditionally inspired lighting fixtures play out in accessorizing every room in your home.

Traditional lighting ideas

The bedroom scene portrays a classic example of a traditional idea. The chandelier shown is made from solid cast brass with ornate detail, finished with hand cut leaded crystal prisms. The chandelier is elegant and gives the room an impressive focal point implementing class and sophistication. The color pallet, furniture and accessories selected enhance the room with an inviting and warm feel that any proud home owner can appreciate.

traditional lighting ideas

This kitchen is a great example of how you can use chandeliers, always a traditional component to light a kitchen specifically over an island. Scale works both ways smaller spaces demand smaller fixtures, while a room with expansive height and width should also influence the illumination choices. Pictured above the larger chandeliers hang a bit lower thanks to the kitchen island giving a more dramatic feel, supplemented with clean recessed lighting to complete efficient and effective illumination.

traditional lighting ideas

This traditional dinette has a clean, bright open-airy feel that calls for a chandelier that is classic, tasteful and has the same characteristics of the room. The chandelier represented here is a classic Versailles; it exemplifies a tasteful selection of traditional style that is clean and airy and maintains traditional design elements and details. The light colors of the room allow the chandelier to pop as a result of the oiled rubbed bronze finish and light refraction from the crystal prisms.

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