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Outdoor ceiling fans can be either “damp” or “wet” and there is a difference between the two. Damp is just that, the fan can be left outdoors to be exposed to dew and fog but not actually rained on or sprayed directly with water. Wet outdoor ceiling fans can get wet by rain or a hose and are built to withstand more extreme temperature changes from both hot or cold weather. Wet outdoor ceiling fans must be UL approved (we only carry UL approved manufacturers) to uphold quality standards for safety of the electrical and mechanical systems of the fan. Outdoor ceiling fans are built more rugged to withstand outdoor life and therefore the price will reflect the upgrade. You can use an outdoor fan on the inside of your home but not use an indoor rated fan outside.

Styles – The style of an outdoor fan can differ from indoor styles to match the outdoor decor of a patio style setting. Depending on the style of your outdoor setting you can choose outdoor ceiling fans to match such as the “Rainman” from MinkaAire.

outdoor ceiling fan

Some manufacturers have become creative like the lantern style light feature in the Regency outdoor ceiling fan shown below:

Outdoor ceiling fan

Or a more modern style fan that is both an indoor and outdoor style is the Concept II Wet from MinkaAire:

outdoor wet ceiling fan

The dual rotating style of a gyro also comes in a “wet” version as well as the standard indoor style.

outdoor ceiling fan

All fans come with either a wall mounted control system and/or a hand held remote control.

We carry both Regency and MinkaAire ceiling fans in our showroom. Shop online from our ecommerce site for MinkaAire products and more.